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The walking lunge is a great single leg exercise. The key benefit of the lunge and the reason it is considered an advanced exercise is that the leg muscles must cause deceleration as the body moves forward. Lunge is an excellent dynamic stretching movement for the hip area, and it should be included in strength training and warm up routines.
Walking lunges are similar to the typical running gait with respect to the range of motion about the ankle, knee and hip joints and direction of force application, although performed at a slower speed (Keogh, 1999).

With your feet hip width apart, take a big step forward and drop your body so that your back knee lightly touches the floor. Stand back up tall while bringing your rear leg forward to meet your front leg and step forward with the opposite leg.
👍Keep your hips square to the floor.
👍Keep your front knee in line with your toes (avoid letting your knee cave in) and maintain whole foot on the ground while pushing through the front heel.
👍Keep your shoulders retracted and your arms extended as you hold the dumbbells.
👍Keep your abs engaged throughout the movement.
👍For better glute recruitment, hinge at your hips and slightly lean your torso forward while keeping your back straight.
👍You can scale down by using your bodyweight only (Boyle, 2010)

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