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When dreams can be fulfilled!

What I want to become when I grow up

I really love exercising. That’s why I think of becoming a Sports trainer / Physical Education teacher when I grow up. I like visiting the gym where my mom works as an instructor and train together. She is instructing aerobics classes and I really love following the class. Sometimes when I go to the sport’s center where my parents work, I play football or basketball. Also, I love swimming. I play pool games with my brother and we play a variety of sports together.
Every day I do some sort of exercise. During PE classes we practice long jump and distance running. What I love the most is when we race. The kid who comes first wins. I love competition. This year we practise more sports at school. I will have the chance to take part at the athletic events. I love exercising because it keeps me strong and healthy.
During the weekend I go for running with my dad. Many times, we take our bikes and train our legs. Exercise is really good for everyone’s health. During the afternoons I go to the swimming pool with my dad for swimming. That’s the time I can train both my legs and arms.
My favorite sport is football. I play with my friends every evening. I hope my dreams come true one day and become a trainer or Physical Education teacher. Near my house there is a big field where I spend many hours playing sports with my friends. We run, we play football and basketball, and target games also.
I hope to make it one day, and become a trainer/PE teacher!

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