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Glute Challenge

I am so excited to bring you my first complete glute workout. Glute challenge workouts will help you strengthen and sculpt your glutes in a fun, safe and effective way. Join now!

€ 60

Glute Challenge

Who doesn't want strong, powerful and well shaped glutes? The Glute Challenge will help you improve the strength and appearance of your glutes. Genetics matter, but hard work and a planned program can surely help you improve and reach your full potential. This program includes 4 different workouts. Heavy / low rep days and light / high rep days will make the challenge even more challenging.

Package Includes:

4 different training days
4 different warmups
Kettlebell, dumbbells, step, box, bench, barbell, resistance band for low rep days
Minimal equipment for high rep days
Pdf download for each workout
Demo Video for each workout

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